Based on another CareerBuilder survey, 29 percent of companies say they don’t have any issue together with the occasional delayed coming, so long as it does not become a design, and 18 percent say they do not want if they can get their work done, workers to be punctual. But not all are lenient.

But being late isn’t unusual.

What is keeping you?

But sometimes, it is a lot more intriguing. When asked about the most outrageous reasons workers have given them for being late, the following was shared by companies:

  • I forgot it was not the weekend.
  • I needed to see a football match that was being played in Europe.
  • I believed Flag Day proved to be a legal holiday.
  • My pet turtle needed to go to with the exotic animal clinic.
  • The deck was blown by the wind off my home.
  • I overslept because all the clocks changed in the home.
  • A moose cornered me.
  • My mom locked me in the cupboard.
  • The pizza I ‘d to be home to take, and I purchased was being delivered /pay for it.
  • The dawn was so wonderful that I needed to quit and take it in.
  • My mother in law would not quit speaking.
  • If you are running, what do you need to do?

When you are late to work, things you need to say:

My child got ill as I was walking out the doorway, and I needed to make arrangements.”
“I understand this business worth punctuality, and I am going to strive to be on time later on.”
As a guideline, remember to be honest. Integrity is what every business needs. You break that trust and that’ll disturb a company more, when you lie.

Things you ought to likely avoid saying:

Bypass the reason if it’s overly stupid or not work-suitable. For example, if you were late because you were fighting with a partner, that is probably not something you wish to share on the job. Than to lie, it is better to not give an explanation.