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Built Environment Apprenticeship

This is a two-stage programme combining employment and classroom-based vocational training in the building & construction sector. It provides apprentices with an opportunity to earn attractive remunerations and embark on a career progression path through the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) CoreTrade Scheme^. Prospective apprentices may join the programme in either Stage 1 or Stage 2.

^The Construction Registration of Tradesmen (CoreTrade) is a workers’ registration scheme administered by BCA for skilled and experienced construction personnel in key construction trades.


Apprenticeship Stage 1 - Tradesman Development Phase

Stage 1 is a partnership between BCA and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), where the apprentice concurrently works with his/her employer and attends vocational training at the ITE & the BCA Academy (BCAA).


Local O-level & N-Level holders joining ITE’s Traineeship scheme*


Apprentices will earn a minimum monthly basic salary of $1,400. The training course fees will be fully sponsored by their employers and BCA.

Upon successful completion, the apprentice will graduate with both a NITEC qualification and an Industry recognised skills certificate, which will qualify him/her for BCA’s CoreTrade Tradesman registration.


2 years programme

Course Offered

Singapore Polytechnic
Architecture (S66)
Civil Engineering with Business (S68)
Clean Energy (S45)
Electrical & Electronic Engineering (S99)
Environmental Management & Water Technology (S52)
Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management (S95)
Integrated Events and Project Management (S50)
Interior Design (S89)
Landscape Architecture (S94)
Mechanical Engineering (S91)
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Clean Energy Management (N84)
Electrical Engineering (N43)
Environmental & Water Technology (N74)
Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management (N40)
Mechanical Engineering (N41)
Real Estate Business (N48)
Sustainable Urban Design & Engineering (N89)
BCA Academy
Construction Engineering
Construction Information Technology
Design (Interior and Landscape)
Electrical Engineering & Clean Energy
Mechanical Engineering
Strategic Facilities Management
Temasek Polytechnic
Clean Energy (T52)
Environment Design (T46)
Green Building & Sustainability (T29)
Integrated Facility Management (T28)
Interior Architecture & Design (T22)
Nanyang Polytechnic
Electrical Engineering with Eco-Design (C48)
Space and Interior Design (C64)
Republic Polytechnic
Renewable Energy Engineering (R41)

BCA Academy
Specialist Diploma in Building Cost Management
Specialist Diploma in Building Information Modeling
Specialist Diploma in Construction Management
Specialist Diploma in Facility & Energy Management
Specialist Diploma in Interior & Landscape Design
Specialist Diploma in M & E Co-ordination

Singapore Polytechnic
Advanced Diploma in Building Automation & Services
Specialist Diploma in Energy Efficiency and Management

Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Specialist Diploma in Facility Management


Please contact us for more details.

* For more information on ITE’s Traineeship Scheme, please visit www.ite.edu.sg

Apprenticeship Stage 2 - Foreman Development Phase

In Stage 2, the apprentice will work full time with his/her employer and pursue part-time vocational training at the BCAA.


  • Local O-level & N-Level holders. Applicants with experience or other qualifications may be considered. Male applicants must have completed, or been exempted from, full-time National Service (NS).
  • Existing tradesmen with less than 3 years of trade-specific experience in the built environment sector are also eligible to apply
  • Apprentices will earn a min monthly salary of $1,850 (1st year) and $2,100 (2nd year)
  • Receiving an upgrading incentive of $3,000 (1st year) and $1,500 (2nd year)
  • The training course fees will be sponsored by their employers and the BCA.
  • The apprentice will graduate with a Trade Diploma, which will help him/her to qualify for BCA’s CoreTrade Foreman registration.

2 years programme

Courses Offered


The intake exercise for Stage 2 is now open.


Interested jobseekers are requested to fill in the application form and email to bca_best@bca.gov.sg

For more information, please contact Mr Chua Kok Liang at 6325 5939, email to chua_kok_liang@bca.gov.sg OR Mr Herman at 6325 5036, email to herman_rizal@bca.gov.sg