Careers in Air-conditioning Maintenance & Electrical Works in Singapore

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With the growing demand in the need of air-conditioner in Singapore, the supply in air-conditioning technicians and installer should be increasing in order to meet the growing demands.

With the increasingly hot weather and deteriorate air quality due to the haze condition in Singapore, it is essential to have an air-conditioner to keep us cool and healthy in our home and office. Hence, always ensure that your home and office have at least one air-conditioner to combat the hot weather in Singapore. Are you guys aware that your air-conditioning system needs to be installed by professional aircon installer in Singapore? An aircon installer or technicians requires proper training and experience. All these can be achieved by joining reputable aircon servicing Singapore company such as ALV Aircon or through courses such as from the ITE air-conditioning and refrigerant course.

However, the numbers of professionally trained aircon servicing technicians and installer are decreasing over the years. The decrease in manpower us not just seen solely in the air-conditioning industry but also other industries in the service sector.

Air-conditioning system plays a huge part in our daily lives such as providing cooling comfort and clean air to our home and office. Thus, it is important to ensure a constant flow of trained aircon installer and technicians in Singapore. This will not only prevent the deteriorate of the service standard in the service sector such as in the air-conditioning industry but also ensure that the supply of air-conditioner technicians and installer are able to catch up with the demand of the air-conditioning system in Singapore.

Many locals feel that the job as an air-conditioning technicians and installer is tough and dirty with a long working hours. This is completely different from the dream jobs that most of us aiming for, which is working in a clean and cooling office.

Despite the fact that the jobs in the service sector in Singapore are partly taken up by foreign talents due to the lack of locals taking up such jobs. In certain areas of service sector, such as air-conditioner industry, we should encourage locals to take up the jobs instead of foreigners. However, despite the challenge that locals are unwilling to take up such tough jobs in the services sector, we must still encourage and try our best. Thus, there is a need to increase the demands of local workers in areas such as the service sector.

By promoting related courses and attracting them into the air-conditioning industry, this can increase the numbers of young talents in the aircon servicing Singapore industry. Other than that, there are many scholarship programmes that are offered by ITE, BCA and many other institutions on different courses such as the air-conditioning and electrical course in ITE and other Polytechnics. This not only act as a motivations to the students but also recognised these young talents

Hence, in conclusion, in order to meet the demands in the service sector in Singapore, we must attract more young talents to the industry and not just dependable on foreign talents. I believe that with the trainings and educations that is provided now is sufficient to attract pool of talents to the air-conditioning industry in Singapore.

Built Environment Career & Education Fair in Singapore 2016

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Do you guys aware that there is a annual Built Environment Career & Education Fair (2016) that is held in Singapore? It is organised by The Building and Construction Authority (BCA). This year, the fair is being held in the JEM (Jurong East Mall) Office Tower during March 2016. There is 2 parts in this fair, one of it is the virtual fair that will be held for 5 days (7 to 11 March) and the second part will be a one day physical event that will integrate many practical jobs interaction with the participants.

This year, the Built Environment Career and Education Fair have garner enormous support from various Built Industry firms, institutions, jobs participants that are looking for career opportunities or training development opportunities. In this year 2016, the fair have garnered more than 35 firms in SIngapore and an overall of more than 1,500 participants.

In the virtual career fair, firms and institutions are able to interview the potential job seekers through online video interviews. Many job seekers are being attracted by this online video interviews as it eliminate the stress and tension during face to face interviews with potential managers. This interviews is an effective ways to interview many potential candidates and allow them to evaluate them.

For the one day physical event, there will be a face to face interactions of candidates with the firms. This networking interactions allows job seekers to speak to the recruiting managers and allows them to understand more on their jobs they are applying.

Other than promoting careers in the building industry in Singapore, there are also many scholarships that are available for potential candidates to achieve higher education and training development. Besides that, there is also part time sponsorship programmes that allows different level of candidates to apply and allows them to obtain career opportunities for their future career in Singapore.

Who Should I Talk to for My Career Progression?

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Helpful and useful tips can be obtained from different people, so you can try to speak to as many people when you are planning for you career plan. If not, you can consult your working colleagues, supervisor or managers. Call the experts from the sector that you working and find out on the career progression. You can also broaden your social network in your industry and even offer your own personal advice and experience on your careers. This is another way to interact and exchange ideas or ask others for their experience and advice.

Another option is by engaging your boss where he/she is able to help you on the development of your careers. Your boss is the one that supervise you during work. Hence, your boss is able to provide you with an honest evaluation of your work performance, skills set, trainings, future career progression. They will be able to evaluate and spot out your strength and weakness. These will allow you to identify certain areas that you are weak in and improve on these areas.

Your ex-boss, senior managers, etc. can give you useful tips and advice on your future career prospects in your industry and the prospect of the business in your industry. This will allow you be prepared on the possible challenges that you have to face in the future and overcome it.

During the working career, you may face different mentors that will guide you along the way. Other than guiding you in your work, with their rich experience, they are in the right position to guide and help you in your long term goal and your career progression in the future. With their experience in the industry and knowledge gained, their personal experience and opinions towards the future career prospects are able to help you to make wise decision and prevent you from choosing a bad one.

Other than that, professional corporation are able to provide advice on your careers and even provide some key factors and experience that you may need in taking up more superior positions in the company or even specific qualifications that you will need to achieve for your future career.

If not, you can speak to your training department or HR department to find out if there are any internal jobs that are opened and its job scope and future career prospects. You can also let them know that you wish to progress to roles that have higher responsibility and ask them to notify you when there are such positions.


In Singapore, we encourage people to constantly upgrade their skills regardless of their age. This will keep us competitive in the work force and increase the efficiency. In Singapore, there are many courses and lectures that you can attend you broaden your knowledge, regardless financial skills or skill set that are useful in your industry. You can find out more on different upgrading skills in which will aid you in your future career prospects.

If you still have no idea on who you should talk to or ask for help regarding on your career development, you can speak to career development specialist that are experts in its field. They are able to advice you professionally if your current career have any career progression and if its suit your goals. The experts will advise you with their experience and knowledge and help you to work out your most tailored future career goals and help you to work towards it.

The Impact and importance of Scholarships in Building Industry

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In Singapore, there are many different type and size of scholarships. There are many reasons why you should apply for financial help or a scholarship to study locally or overseas. The schools, institutions or organization that provide all these scholarships must understand and take good care in areas such as finances. This will ensure that there is a strong relationship and bond between the recipients and the institutions and organisation. One of the solution and ways to manage all these is through software such as scholarship management.

Importance of Scholarships

One of the greatest help from scholarship is providing financial aid to people and students that do not have enough money to pay for their school fees. Without scholarship from various institutions, this will cause potential talents and students losing an opportunity to receive proper education due to their financial difficulties. Receiving proper education is very important, for example, a degree is essential in entering the workforce in Singapore.

In Singapore, there are many cases where students will take up several part time jobs during their studies in University. This is often used to pay for their school’s fees, lodging and other miscellaneous expenses. Studying while working is one of the option to cover the study expenses. However, this actually defeats the purpose of studying since it actually distracts and reduce the amount of time that the students could be used for studying. When a student is working while studying, it can be physically and mentally stressful which can affect the academic performance of the students.

In addition, more than half of all the university graduates are already having debts after leaving the school. With the increase of tuition fees over the years, the average loans amount is around $30,000. This is a huge difference of at least 60% when comparing with students 20 years ago. In an advanced country, where education is being focused, a degree is able to increase the chances of the graduates being employed. Hence, by having a scholarship, it will be able to reduce the financial difficulties that are faced by some students and allow them to focus on their college.

Scholarship Funds

So you may wonder where do the scholarship funds come from. The funds from scholarship can be funded by various sources. For example, institutions, private company, individual donor may make a huge donation for the purpose of giving the students the opportunity to study. Other than that, there are fund raising activities that are being organized around the country and the funds that are collected will be used for the scholarships.

Scholarships Recipients not only learn about the specific subjects but also the importance of philanthropy, the act of kindness and giving back to the society. Without someone helping, their road to getting a degree in a college will be much tougher. Hence, hopefully the scholarship recipients will not forget the kindness of others and contribute back to the society and donate to the scholarships whenever they could.

Types of Scholarships

In Singapore, there are many different types of Scholarships that students can apply which is awarded by institutions and organization.

Two of the common Scholarships that are being offered in Singapore is Academic / Merit. It is where students have outstanding performance in areas such as academics, sports, artistic and many more. All these are able to help students in receiving scholarships or particular programme in the University. Scholarships is increasingly important in field of study such as buildings and architecture where the funds are not as high as other field such as banking. Therefore, we aim to obtain as many scholarship funds from private institutes and companies in Singapore that will aid and shape our younger generation in the building industry.